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July 14, 2011
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Raindrops and Cloudbubbles
Alternate Ending to Bubbles

By bowtar

Author's note: I don't usually write fanfics, but after reading the story "Bubbles" and viewing RizCifra's picture based on it (…, I was moved so greatly that I felt that this story just had to be written.  

Recommended Song: A Summer Long Since Past by Virginia Astley (…


Derpy was all alone. Some time had passed since Mommy had left Derpy under the tree on top of the mountain, and Derpy was getting very hungry. Derpy decided that Mommy must be coming back soon, so she would make a few more bubbles while she waited. As she made more bubbles one of them seemed to be bigger than the others, and she stopped and watched it intently as it floated slowly in front of her. All the rainbow colors swirling around in the bubble was entrancing to Derpy, and she felt very happy. As she watched the colors play our their endless dance, she noticed another pony in the bubble as well! She moved her head from side to side, and as the image in the bubble moved as well, she then realized that this was not another pony, it was just a reflection of herself. She really was alone after all, and this made Derpy very sad.

As the bubble floated there, Derpy kept staring at it until she noticed something different. Her face in the bubble seemed to be getting bigger! Not only that, but it was changing color and shape as well. Suddenly, the bubble burst, and floating there in front of Derpy was another pegasiss pony! She was small like Derpy, and she was orangeish yellow with a light blue mane.

"Hi!" she said. "My name is Raindrops! What's your name?"

Derpy wanted say many things, but most of all she wanted to ask if this pony had come out of her bubble. But she was so surprised by the whole ordeal that all she could say was, "Buhhh..."

"Buhhh?" said Raindrops. Then she noticed Derpy's cutie mark. "Oh, you have a cutie mark! Did you just get it? I got mine the other day. Yours looks like some bubbles, so I'll call you Bubbles!"

Derpy then glanced at her flank and was surprised to see that Raindrops was right! She did now have a cutie mark. At first she wanted to tell this pony that Bubbles was not her name, but the more she thought about it the more she liked it, so she decided to keep quiet.

Raindrops said, "I was out for an evening flight when I saw some bubbles floating over the trees here, so I decided to check it out. Imagine my surprise to see another filly sitting all alone way up here on this mountain! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say hello now could I?"

Raindrops then landed and took a good look around. "Speaking of which, why are you alone? Did you get separated from your family?"

Derpy nodded.

"Well, it's going to be dark soon so I should be heading home. Do you want to come with me? My house is just down the mountain and around that ridge."

Derpy was unsure what to do. She wanted to wait for Mommy but it was getting quite cold and she was still very hungry.

"My Mom should have dinner ready by the time we get back to my house." said Raindrops.

That settled it. Derpy got to her feet and started shakily after Raindrops, bubble maker in her mouth. But Raindrops was flying way too fast and going places that Derpy couldn't follow. Then Raindrops stopped and looked back at Derpy. "What's the matter? Oh, you can't fly? Well, that's okay, It's a nice night for a walk. I'll carry that bowl of bubble juice for you as well."

And so they walked for some time, until they reached a house in an empty spot between all the trees. It was made of what looked like trees all stacked on top of each other. "Here we are, it's not much, but it's home. Have you ever been to a log cabin in the woods before?" asked Raindrops. Derpy shook her head. They walked to the front door and Raindrops opened it, then she yelled "Mom, I'm home!"

And then around the corner came a pegasiss pony who looked a little like Raindrops, but bigger and darker colored.

"Welcome home honey. Oh! Who's your friend?"

"This is Bubbles" said Raindrops. "I found her all alone on the mountain. I think she got separated from her family. Can she stay the night with us? She doesn't talk much but she's a great listener."

"Oh you poor thing!" said Raindrops' Mom. "Of course she can stay here tonight. Her parents must be worried sick. Come on into the kitchen and we'll have dinner together."

Derpy was very happy that night. She got to eat lots and lots of good food, and afterwards they had slices of a purple cake that Raindrops called "boobearee pie", and it wasn't as good as the purple muffins that Derpy loved so much but it was still very good. After dinner they took a bath and Derpy was very excited because the water was full of little white bubbles! "Never had a bubble bath before?" said Raindrops "Well, you're in for a treat! They're not as colorful as the ones you were making earlier but they feel really good." And so Derpy got all covered with the white bubbles and had a great time playing with them in the tub.

Afterwards Derpy got to go in Raindrops' room, but then she started thinking about Mommy and Daddy, and Miss Sweetie as well, and she got really sad and started crying. But then Raindrops' Mom showed up and held her in her arms and said "Shh, it will be all right" and then she prepared a bed for Derpy next to Raindrops' bed. Then Raindrops' Mom tucked them in bed and read them both a bedtime story before kissing them both good night and turned out the lights.

Derpy dreamed about floating in a sea of rainbow colored bubbles, and Mommy and Daddy and Raindrops and her Mom were all there, dancing around as the bubbles exploded into every color of the rainbow.

In the morning they awoke to the sound of birds singing in the trees outside.
They were in the middle of having a nice breakfast when there was a knock on the front door. Raindrops' Mom opened it and Daddy was there! He looked very tired and upset. He said, "Hello ma'am, sorry to bother you, but have you seen a small grey filly with a yellow mane and crossed eyes?" He then glanced at the kitchen table and saw Derpy! Before anyone could say anything, Derpy rushed over to him, nearly falling over herself in excitement.

"Derpy! Oh thank Celestia you're all right! I was so worried. I've been looking everywhere for you all night." He then started crying and Derpy was crying too, but it was the good kind of crying. "Look who I brought with me?" he said. And then he handed Miss Sweetie to Derpy!

Everything that happened after that was a blur to Derpy, but there was lots of talking and laughing, and everypony was having a such a good time.

Much time passed, and eventually Raindrops and Derpy went outside to play while the grownups talked. "So, your name isn't Bubbles after all" said Raindrops "That's okay though. Derpy is a funny name, but then you are a funny pony!"

Derpy looked curiously at Raindrops and pointed at her cutie mark. "Why am I called Raindrops?" said Raindrops "Because I can do this!" She then flew up into the sky and pulled a small dark cloud all the way over to a flower bed close to where Derpy was standing. It then started raining on the flowers and Derpy was very impressed.

A little while later Derpy had an idea! She ran inside and grabbed the bowl of bubble juice that Raindrops had carried home the night before, and brought it outside to Raindrops. Then Derpy said "Bubble... Cloud!" and ran back and forth excitedly. Raindrops got the message. "Ah, you want me to poor the bubble juice into the rain cloud and shake it back and forth? Okay, let's give it a try."

Raindrops did as she said, and as she shook the cloud, the rain drops that had fallen before were now replaced with hundreds of tiny bubbles! Derpy and Raindrops spent the rest of the day experimenting with different ways to make cloud bubbles. And then Daddy and Raindrops' Mom were outside watching them, and they were laughing and holding each others' hooves. Derpy had never been so happy in her life.

That night as they were getting ready for bed in Raindrops' house, Derpy wanted to know where Mommy was. "Where Mommy?" she asked. Then Daddy got a very sad look on his face and said, "I'm so sorry Sweetie, but Mommy can't be with us anymore. It's just not safe." Then Derpy starts crying but Daddy says "I know it's hard, but sometimes we have to make tough choices in life. Mommy has made her choice and so have I. But one thing that will never change is that we will both always love you. Forever and ever." This made Derpy feel a little better, but she was still sad.

As the days went by, Derpy and Raindrops became best friends, and Daddy and Raindrops' Mom started getting very friendly towards each other. Derpy didn't understand everything that was happening but she overheard them talking about things like, "Yes, I used to be a mailpony but I quit my job after Derpy disappeared that fateful day. I realized that she is the most important thing in my life and I needed more time to be there for her. I'm just so grateful that you and your daughter were there for her in her time of need." To which Raindrops' Mom replied, "I completely understand where you're coming from. I used to be a weather pony, but working all day long every day moving the clouds around, while my little Raindrops was all alone with her abusive father was just not fair. And then after my husband left me, I realized that something had to change. So I quit my job and moved into this cabin in the woods, far away from the hustle and bustle of Cloudsdale."
"I've been thinking, there's a nice little town not too far away called Ponyville. What do you think about moving there? I hear there's some great job opportunities there, and we wouldn't have to work all the time. We could take turns taking care of the fillies. And there are many other ponies there for them to make friends with, including some just like Derpy."
"Yes, I think that would be a great idea."

Some days later, Derpy and Raindrops, and Daddy and Raindrops' Mom (who Derpy had started to think of as Mommy) moved into a new place. It was a little scary at first, but there were many other ponies around and Derpy had started to make friends with some of them. As time passed Derpy got more and more confident with herself, and at last the day came where Daddy taught her how to fly! As she soared through the clouds, she remembered that day so long ago on the mountain when she and Raindrops had first met. Then a thought came to her. She told Raindrops to gather some rain clouds, and then Derpy rushed back home and got a big bottle of bubble juice. When she got back, she dumped the bubble juice all over the clouds. Then she and Raindrops shook them quickly, filling the sky with an enormous number of rainbow colored bubbles, and they were made even more beautiful by all the real rainbows in the background. And then Derpy remembered the promise she had made to herself on that day, and she told Daddy the names of all the colors she had learned, as he gazed on her with tears in his eyes.


Recommended Song: Darkness Has Reached Its End by Virginia Astley (…

The gentle quietly they go
The tender, kind and the bold
The child, the child he has grown
What was warm now lies cold

And hope hides in the heart
No man can learn their song
As clear as this evening light
With eternal hope you long

But faith and truth and love and strength
Once dwelt within your soul
And rivers run as crystal falls
And who is able to stand

Standing alone
Your heart's as cold as ice
Your hand is shielding the light
As you search for the meaning of life

And light shall shine from the stars
And rain will fall on this earth
And sorrow shall pour in my heart
As the flowers appear on earth
The darkness has reached its end I'm told
And love is stronger than hate
Iron it rusts as stone decays
And force shall always

Wipe away the tears from your eyes
For love is stronger than
I have hurt my friends I know
And who shall catch their fall

Faithful and true
Hope pure as crystal
And sorrow shall pour from my heart
As the flowers appear on earth

And light shall shine from the stars
And rain will fall on this earth
To you wherever you are
Our love is stronger through pain

And light shall shine from the stars
And rain will fall on this earth
And sorrow shall pour from my heart
As the flowers appear on earth

And light shall shine from the stars
And rain will fall on this earth
To you wherever you are
Our love is stronger through pain

So hope faithful and true
So pure, clear as crystal
And sorrow shall pour from heart
As the flowers appear on earth
Alternate Ending to the fanfiction "Bubbles" [link]
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Great job!
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Awesome ending, though. Perfectly explains how she got her cutie mark from that event and still lived to tell the tale. The original (and by extension, this) doesn't fit with my "she's not mentally challenged, she just can't see out of her lazy eye" explanation of Derpy (made because of the "save Derpy" incident), but oh well, you can't get everything you want.
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